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With the motto, "Music is Heart", we foster a rich humanity through music and contributes to world peace through music. The new policy of the Saitama Sakae High School Chorus Club is to perform works commissioned by international exchange and composers every year.
In 2008, the 35th anniversary of the club, the advisor was replaced and we started to create a new history of the Saitama Sakae High School Chorus Club. We want to return the favor by singing songs to express our gratitude without forgetting the support from many people. we would like to concentrate the total power of all the members of the club to master the music and chorus we are aiming for. Last year, we participated in two competitions (as an ensemble team in three groups), and although the teams were different, we were all able to stand on the stage of the national competition. Now, the 2021 school year is about to begin. We will be working hard from now on to make the most of every moment so that we can show off our achievements at our goal, the 2nd "Spring" Concert.


Conductor Mami Shimakata

She graduated from Tokyo College of Music, majoring in vocal music, and after arriving as a music teacher at a public junior high school in Saitama Prefecture as a new graduate, she worked at Showa Town Katsushika Junior High School, Koshigaya City Hirakata Junior High School, Iwatsuki City Jonan Junior High School, Kasukabe City Toyoharu Junior High School, Kasukabe City Takesato Junior High School, and from April 2008, she has been appointed as a teacher at Saitama Sakae Junior and Senior High School.
She has participated in many national and international competitions, including the NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition, JCA National Choral Competition, the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition, and the European International Music Competition. She has also produced and published CDs and DVDs, and performed at Tokyo Disneyland, etc. She teaches with the motto, "Music is the heart," emphasizing the importance of the heart and the way they live our daily lives, based on her various experiences, believing that music can be useful for world peace without setting limits as a human being.

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