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Toyota city boys & girls choir youth

Toyota city boys & girls choir youth was founded in 1977 as a "musical ambassador of Toyota citizens”.
The choir's motto is to be "a symbol of citizens' cultural activities that are cheerful, fun, and heart-to-heart," and its activities are open to everyone from elementary school second graders to university students.
They have performed in many concerts, including regular concerts. They were awarded the Aichi Prefecture Art and Culture Encouragement Prize in 2001, the Gold Prize in the Modern and Contemporary Division and the Hyogo Prefecture Governor's Prize of the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in 2015, first prize in the General Division and second prize in the Final of the Vocal Ensemble Competition in 2018, and first prize in the Youth Division of the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition in the same year. They were invited to participate in the Karuizawa International Choral Festival in 2019, and won the first prize and the audience prize at the Singing Game in Karuizawa.


Conductor Hiroko Naga

She was born in Nogoya City. She graduated from the Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Music Department, majoring in vocal music, and has been teaching the chorus since 1990, becoming its conductor in 2000.
She pursues both a performance style based on the style of the music and a new stage expression possible with chorus. She has planned and conducted many chorus concerts, and has led the group to top prizes at the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest, the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition, and the Tokyo International Chorus Contest.
She has studied vocal music under Shiro Kanda and Fumiko Kobayashi, ancient music singing under Sadao Udagawa, and choral conducting under Kenji Otani. She is currently the conductor and voice trainer for eight groups in Aichi Prefecture, including Toyota city boys & girls choir youth. She is also a part-time lecturer at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts and Kinjo Gakuin University. She is also a member of the Japan Choral Association Children's Chorus.

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