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Choral Daisy


Together with beginning the Heisei Period, our choir started from a group of mothers in a kindergarten in Saitama City. Escaping from everyday life as a mother or a wife and rediscovering our "self" made it a time of great happiness. Under two of remarkable coaches, Mrs. Kojima and Mrs. Tsukuba, we have sung and spent precious times together. Even now we practice every Tuesday morning in a public hall in the city. In addition to participation in local competitions in Saitama like the Mothers' Chorus Festival and the Vocal Ensemble Contest and the Chorus Festival, we also performed on stages such as the Music Festival Program at Tokyo Disney Sea and INSPi, a popular Japanese vocal group. This year, with Heisei drawing to a close and the start of a new era in Japan, we will begin a new challenge by entering the International Senior Choir Festival in Yokohama and TICC.



Yoshiko Kojima

Completed vocal music course at the Graduate School of Musashino Academia Musicae. Learned vocal music from Yushi Otaki, Masneba Bratchkova, Takao Kawai, Aiko Kori and Toku Iwamoto. After working at Kamigo High School of Ibaraki Prefecture as a teacher, worked as a part-time teacher at Omiya Kaisei High School, Urawa Technical High School and Ina Gakuen Sogo High School of Saitama Prefecture. Currently directing choirs of wide age range such as first grade students of primary school and 90-year-old people at Female Chorus Cosmos, Choral Daisy, Hoshinoko Children's Chorus, Sweet Potato, FRAUEN CHOR Rika, Kojipro etc. Vice Chief Director of Saitama Chorus League.

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