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Yamaguchi Junior Choir


Chorus members in Ohdono elementary school and graduates had started to sing together as “Ohdono brilliant” from 2 years ago. We’ll invite the member of “Ohdono brilliant” from various area not only Ohdono to enjoy singing songs with more members. We are so grateful to meet many people through chorus, as with challenging various contests, and taking part in our community events. We aim for “beautiful harmony to connect from heart to heart”. We’re so happy to participate in Tokyo international chorus festivals. We want to enjoy singing songs to feel delight of singing together.


Reiko Takeda

Elementary school teacher. She had led chorus as a music teacher. She continues aiming chorus instruction such as “assisting and enhancing each other. The NHK all-Japan School Choir competition, silver prize. TBS child musical contest national convention, prize for excellence. Ensemble contest national convention prize for excellence. A lot of winning prizes. Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology had commended her for an excellence teacher. She’d got Yamaguchi education prize for encouragement.

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