​Regulations are here


Please fill in the online application form.

If you can't access the application form, please download this file, fill it out, and send it by Email to


Please upload the following information as a zip file.

 1. High resolution photo of choir.(jpg format)

 2. High resolution photo of conductor.(jpg format)

 3. 2 pieces of audio recordings. (mp3 format)
  Performance of the pieces must have been done on or after January 2019.

 4. Text file that includes following information about the audio recordings;
  Piece name, Composer name, Arranger name(if any),

  Lyricist name(if any).

When you upload,
Please enter the same Email address as the address registered in application form.
Please enter the choir name in the Message field.
The file name should be "choir name".zip.

If you can't upload the file, please inform us at

​↓↓Add file↓↓


Please pay the fee for qualification 3,000JPY by paypal.

Please use name registered as the contact information in application form at the time of payment.

Sorry but we can't give you any refund after payment completion.


When confirming that all processes "STEP1,2,3" are completed, we will send an email notification of the completion of the application to the registered email address.