Notice Regarding Postponement of

the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition

15th May 2020


The executive committee of

Tokyo International Choir Competition


We carefully proceed the preparation for our competition which would happen 4 months later, so that it could be held under safe environment.

After repeated discussion with our co-host, Chuo city (Tokyo) and relevant parties, we decided to postpone the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition planned to be held in September 2020 to 2021 due to pandemic of COVID-19.

This postponement is a huge disappointment for us, and we feel sorry for our partners, participants and audience who all love our competition and music. It is hard decision for us when considering all of you preparing the participation of our competition. We, all members of the executive committee have firmly decided to have a successful competition next year.


The detail of this postponement of the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition is explained as follows. Please feel free to contact the administrator if you have any questions.


  1. New Schedule
    19th to 21st September 2020
    is postponed to
    23rd to 26th September 2021 


  2. Venue
    Dai-ichi Seimei Hall, Tokyo


  3. Guest Performance (under planning)
    amarcord (Germany)


  4. International Juries
    Jo-Michael Scheibe (Conductor, US)
    Wolfram Lattke (Singer, Germany)
    Paul Phoenix (Singer, UK)
    Jonathan Velasco (Conductor, Philippine)
    Aida Swenson (Conductor, Indonesia)
    Takatomi Nobunaga (Composer, Japan)
    Another one person to be determined.


  5. Set Pieces
    Children’s Choir Category S: Makiko Kinoshita
    Youth Choir Category: Toyotaka Tsuchida
    Chamber Choir Category: Norikazu Omokawa
    Equal Voice & Mixed Choir Categories: Teruaki Suzuki
    Contemporary Music Category: Gabriele Taschetti (Italy)


  6. Application period to the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition (under planning)
    January to April 2021

PDF file can be downloaded from here.

For further Information

International Choral Organization of Tokyo

Executive office of Tokyo International Choir Competition

TEL: +81-42-689-5641