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Asahijuku Elementary School Choir

Asahijuku Elementary School is located on a hill surrounded by beautiful greenery a little north of urban area of Okayama City.
There are about 450 students in the school, and about 50 students from the first to sixth grades are members of the choir. They practice during recess and after school.
For the past few years, they have performed in the mini concerts in the Okayama International Music Festival, and have given concerts on the stage of the food court of a nearby shopping mall.
They also have challenged to participate in the NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition and the JCA National Choral Competition.


Conductor Mikiko Omori

Born in Fukuoka prefecture. Singer. Elementary school teacher. Graduated from Kurashikisakuyo University, Faculty of Music, Department of Educational Music, Department of Vocal Music. In high school, he belonged to the chorus club and was fascinated by the wonderfulness of chorus, and he explored and practiced chorus. Currently, he is a member of the Okayama Bach Cantata Association, a member of the vocal ensemble "Po-ko-a-po-ko", and an accompaniment pianist of the chorus Cosmos Yoshii. In addition, while teaching as Asahijuku Elementary School Music Department, he is involved in teaching the Asahijuku Elementary School Chorus. He also works on singing instruction in local kindergartens and conveys the wonderfulness of chorus through practice.

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