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The choir was founded in July 2016 and its name means "new song" in Portuguese. It is a choral group that aspires to surprising choral activities.
Regardless of their choral experience, age, gender, or place of residence, the choir aims to create new sounds and choral activities.
The choir does not have a so-called home base, but is active in three branches: the Kanto branch (Tokyo), the Tokai branch (Shizuoka and Aichi), and the Kansai branch (Hyogo). Their main stage performances are in the JCA National Choral Competition, the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Contest, and the Tokyo International Choir Competition. The first concert is scheduled to be held on March 15, 2020.

Conductor Taiki Shimozono

He was born in Kobe, Japan. He studied at Kansai Gakuin Junior High School, Senior High School, and the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University, and then he researched the quantification of chord impressions at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering there. While at school, he belonged to the Kansai Gakuin Senior High School Glee Club and the Kansai Gakuin Glee Club. He served as a student conductor of the Kansai Gakuin Glee Club. Currently, while working for Yamaha Corporation, he serves as the conductor of CancaoNova and the assistant conductor of the male choir "Kaze". He was a member of the quartet group "Quartet Boys," and began arranging and composing music on his own after arranging for the group. He has published several scores, including "Miyuki Nakajima's Masterpiece Selection 'Birth' for Male Chorus".

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