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Chiba Sunhak Boys and Girls Chorus

Since its foundation in 2006, the choir has gained a good reputation for its wide repertoire and various performances, aiming to be a small ambassador of peace with beautiful harmonies, based on the concept of "True Love on Wings," named after the crane in its emblem. In addition to its annual concerts, they have also been actively involved in reconstruction support concerts in the Tohoku region and volunteer activities at local facilities.
They have won the Gold Prize at the Chiba Prefecture Ensemble Contest for five consecutive years since 2015 and the Asahi Shimbun Award in 2018. They won first place in the Gold Prize category at the Kanto Vocal Ensemble Contest.In 2019, she won the Gold Prize in the Children's Chorus Division at the 2nd Tokyo International Chorus Contest, and participated in the Grand Prix.

Conductor Keiko Sakayori

She graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae, Faculty of Music, Department of Voice. She studied vocal music under Mamoru Akiyama, Norie Izuyama, and Kazuko Kurokawa. After graduation, she has been working as a solo soprano singer and has performed in many choral programs for orchestras including the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra. In 2006, she became the principal conductor of the Chiba Sonak Boys and Girls Chorus, and in 2007, she performed and conducted the original choral dance suite "Sunhak," a collaboration of children's chorus, mixed chorus and Korean modern art "Samullori" combined with ballet in Korea.
With her natural vocal technique and diverse singing instruction, she has taught not only juniors but also many female and mixed choirs. In 2019, she received the "The Outstanding Conductor Award" at the 2nd Tokyo International Choir Competition.

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