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Choir Amagaba

The AMAGABA Choir is a choir composed of artists Men and Women, adults and also young people, which was created in 1997 within the International Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ in Burundi led by Pastor MUKAMA ERNEST.

The Church coordinates the activities and performances of a group of singers with multiple talents and facets whose mission is to bring people into God's presence through music and exaltation.

The aim of the AMAGABA choir is to present a musical sound that bridges the gap between traditional sacred music and contemporary musical idioms. Our goal is that we leave you inspired and touched by the testimonies of Christ. The choir is directed by Mr. NDIKUMANA GODEFROID.

The choir was voted best choir four years in a row at the Burundi Gospel Academy Awards. The choir includes many members from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The choir also performs at numerous local and international events and offers musical, educational and social opportunities for people of all ages.

Conductor Ndikumana Godefroid

For years, NDIKUMANA Godefroid has been a member on tour in famous concerts, of which he was the lead arranger for most of that period. He has given more than 2,000 concerts with the group and has participated in radio and television broadcasts.
He has contributed more than 50 arrangements to the repertoire of the Amagaba choir. Before joining the group, he was Music Director of a school in Bukeye, Uganda, and layman in the cathedral choir, and worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo as an independent baritone, performing regularly in the choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral.
He currently holds the title of Burundian Choral Ambassador. He has coordinated more than 200 arrangements and compositions and regularly conducts choral singing workshops in Burundi.
He is a staff member of Regina Mpundi Cathedral, the Holy Spirit School and the University of Notre Dame as a singing teacher and is also Music Director of the Abakiza Singers.

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