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Choir Kashuan

Choir Kashuan was founded 7 years ago, and is a mixed choir with 37 members.
The name of the choir is unusual, it represents our desire to "gather the artistic spirit 'flowers' of each member" which expresses the different charms of each piece of music.
Our goal is to create original stage programs.
In keeping with the name of the choir, we try to express various period and style of music in a wide range of genres, from Renaissance to modern Japanese, jazz and popular music.


Conductor Hitoshi Araki

He performs with the Choir Kashuan and the Aichi High School Chorus Club.
He expresses various styles of music, including Japanese works, spirituals, and Scandinavian folk songs.
He is conscious of the beautiful scenes and emotional movements in music, and pursues the idea of "connecting people and music" through his expression.

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