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Choir Nukku

Choir Nukku is a mixed-voice choir founded in June 2013 by university students in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with the motto "Singing with comfort". The name "Nukku" means "comfortable hiding place". The joyful members of Nukku bring together their ideas and aim to realize attractive choral expression through soft sounds and precise harmonies based on genuine tuning. The choir actively performs in solo concerts and at the Tokyo Chorus Competition, as well as on concert tours and invitational performances throughout Japan.
In 2016, they participated in the Tokyo Spring Chorus Contest (also known as "Harukon."), and won the third prize in the Folklore category (mixed voice).
In 2017, they won the excellent prize at the 10th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Contest, and performed in the Alti Vocal Ensemble Festival "The Color of Song" .


Conductor Junya Hattori

He was born in Ebina City and lives there. When he was a second grader at Otani Junior High School in Ebina City, he discovered choral music and became fascinated with it. He graduated from Toin Gakuen High School, Department of Science and Mathematics, and Nihon University, Department of German Literature. While a student at Nihon University, he studied abroad in Vienna, Austria, where he had a variety of musical experiences. He graduated from Showa College of Music, Music Department, Chorus Teacher Course. Currently, while working on choral scores, he teaches various choirs. He studied conducting and choral teaching under Fuyuki Yamadate, and vocal music under Kuniyo Yahiro and Hiroshi Yamazaki. In addition to being the conductor of the choir Nukku, he is involved in the leadership of the chorus clubs of Kaisei Junior High School and Imaizumi Junior High School in Ebina City. He is also the leader of the Ebina Youth Chorus Project and organizes local chorus festivals.

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