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Chorus Infini☆

The choir was founded in 2008 in the Tama area of Tokyo, and has held its annual solo concert "Pleiades" since 2013.
In addition, they have performed in various other events throughout the year, including Christmas charity concerts, community concerts, and competitions. In 2017, they held a charity joint concert "Mūsų sakuros" in Japan and Lithuania to support the repair of the Sugihara Memorial Hall in Lithuania.
They won the gold medal in the chamber choir division of the Tokyo Chorus Competition, and in 2019 they won the silver medal in the chamber choir division of the Tokyo International Choir Competition.
A new piece "Il Cantico del Sole" by Lithuanian composer Jurijus Kalcas will be premiered next spring, conducted by the composer himself.

Conductor Kasumi Yuda

She graduated from the piano department of Kunitachi College of Music after attending the high school attached to Kunitachi College of Music. She studied piano under Minoru Igarashi and Shima Horie, and conducting under Keiichi Morigaki. While a student at the university, she began to study choral teaching methods, studying under Yasutoshi Araki and Yoshifumi Nakajima. She took lessons in choral conducting from Jurijus Kalcas.
She participated in the finals of the 6th Choral Conducting Competition for Young Conductors. She is also scheduled to participate in the finals of the same competition to be held next year. She is currently a member of the Japan Choral Association. She founded Chorus Infini☆ with volunteers from her high school chorus club, and serves as its conductor. She is also involved in the leadership of citizens' choirs, mainly in the Tama area.

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