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Echo Nishitakamiya Chorus

The choir was founded in 1971 as an elementary school PTA chorus.The chorus is a member of the Fukuoka Choral Association and has participated in choral festivals sponsored by the association, and the JCA National Mother's Choral Competition.
Starting in 1993, they participated in the JCA National Mother's Choral Competition held in Kanazawa last year for the fifth time, as a representative of Kyushu. Last autumn, they held a concert with Hideki Motoyama as guest conductor. The program was well received.
The average age of the choir is 71, including four members in their 80s. They are deeply grateful and delighted that there are things teey can devote their passion to no matter how old they are, and that there are smiles on the faces of their friends who never change.


Conductor Hiromi Matsumoto

She graduated from Osaka College of Music. She studied under Yasukazu Kondo, Hiromu Yamamura, Takejiro Hirai, the late Motoko Eguchi, the late Jin Okamoto, Teruo Sanbayashi, Eiko Hiramatsu, and Miwako Matsumoto. She performed at the Okayama Prefecture Newcomer's Concert. She gave a solo recital at "Airefu" in 1998, and solo recitals at Koenji in 2002, 2004, and 2015. She studied conducting at the Hiroshi Ishimaru Conducting School. In 2009, she performed in chorus with "Vienna Virtuosen," and in 2012, she performed in chorus with "Venetian Ensemble Top Members and Friends".
In 2013, she attended a conducting seminar with Ms. Éva in Hungary.
In 2011, 2012, 2016, 2018, and 2019, she participated in the JCA National Mother's Choral Competition. Currently. She is the conductor of Choir Cosmos, Kohimeise, Jounji Temple Choir, and Echo Nishitakamiya Choir. She is also an accompanist for the Koenji Mixed Choir. She is also a director of the Fukuoka Branch of the Fukuoka Choral Association.

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