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El-Shaddai University of North Sumatra Choir

This Choir was established in Medan-Indonesia on 15 May 1996. The members of the choir come from college students, alumnus from University of North Sumatra. Some of them also coming from other universities.

El-Shaddai is very active in many activity, e.g. held concert, Join International Competition, and making collaboration in music art and cuture with goverment and also with other university from other Country.

Last few competitions:
Helsingborg Korfestival, Swedden 2018
Grand Prix of Nation, Riga, Latvia 2017
Singapore International Choral Competition, Singapore 2014
Bali International Choir Competition 2012
World Choir Games, China 2010

Conductor Rudolf Aristeus Nababan

Rudolf Aristeus Nababan was born in Sidikalang on 3rd June 1977. He interested in music and choir since starting study in University of North Sumatra in 1998.

During studied in major Math and science, he learn music and vocal intensively by join symposium, choral clinic in local and International.

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