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Female Choir Utahime

Since its foundation in 1992, the female choir "Utahime" has been striving for performances worthy of the name "Utahime," participating in competitions, holding solo concerts, holding joint concerts, and traveling overseas to explore their potential and find others to enjoy choral singing with.
Each time they have done so, they have met wonderful conductors and instructors, as well as friends with whom they can create songs together, and they have gradually grown. Last year, they were awarded the gold medal at the Tokyo International Choir Competition, which was a great honor for all of them. They were also inspired by the wonderful performances of other groups and felt happy to be able to sing on the same stage. They will challenge the big stage again this year with a renewed spirit.


Conductor Motoi Kondo

He is from Ehime Prefecture. He graduated from the Faculty of Education at Shinshu University. He studied conducting under Nobutaka Masui and choral conducting under Masao Nakamura. He began his choral conducting activities while a member of the Shinshu University Mixed Chorus, and was greatly influenced by Shin Sekiya. After graduation, he has continued his musical activities mainly in Nagano Prefecture. He is currently the assistant conductor of Barenchor, permanent conductor of Ensemble Lumine, conductor of Shinshu University Glee Club, ensemble trainer of Shinshu University Mixed Chorus, and conductor of Shinano Choraliers. He is a member of the Japan Choral Directors Association (JCDA) and a permanent director of Nagano Chushin Choral Association.

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