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ICC Mitaka junior chorus

ICC stands for "Iguchi Chorus Circle".
It has been 17 years since it was established at Iguchi Elementary School in Mitaka City, Tokyo. We have been aiming to give performances that reach the hearts of the audiences at various competitions and concerts. Now, junior and senior high school students who graduated from the elementary school come to support them, sing with them, and teach them.
For the graduates as well, ICC has become an important treasure, as they grew up singing together in elementary school.
Recently, the repertoire has been composed of songs from "Nohara Uta(Field Sing-a-long)" written by Naoko Kudo and composed by Yuta Miyake. Each of us decided on our favorite "Nohara" character and deepened our understanding through plays and facial performance competitions. We hope that we can express the heart-warming world.

Conductor Miwako Sato

She was born in 1954.
She graduated from the Department of Music in the Elementary School Education Course at Tokyo Gakugei University.
While a student at the university, she studied vocal music under Yoshiharu Nakamura and choral conducting under Eiichi Ito. After graduation, she studied the Saito Conducting Method under Masamitsu Takahashi and Masao Tanaka.
From 1977 to 2019, she was a music teacher at a public elementary school in Tokyo, and since 2009, she has worked at Iguchi Elementary School, where she directs the ICC choir. The choir won the gold prize in the Tokyo preliminary round from 2014 to 2017, the silver prize in the Tokyo final in 2018 at the NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition. They also won the gold prize and the Tokyo Board of Education prize in the Tokyo Spring Chorus Contest in 2019.

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