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Junior Chorus Fairies

The choir was founded in 2002 in Makuhari Bay Town, Chiba City.
The members, who range from kindergarteners to high school students, practice hard with the goal of achieving "clear and beautiful voices".
They have actively participated in international exchange activities, including a friendship concert in Houston(USA), a sister city of Chiba City, in 2010, and a joint youth concert in 2015 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Normalization of Japan-South Korea Relations.
They have won the Gold Prize thirteen times and the Asahi Shimbun Company Award five times in the Chiba Chorus Ensemble Contest, and have participated in the Boys and Girls Chorus Festival National Competition (Children's Chorus Festival) seven times.
From 2016 to 2021, they were selected four times to represent Chiba Prefecture in the Kanto Vocal Ensemble Contest in the general category, and won the gold medal in the general category three of those times. They have also participated in the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Contesy four times, winning the Silver Prize in 2019 and 2021. In the Tokyo International Choir Competition, they won the Gold Prize for two consecutive years.


Conductor Mayumi Morimoto

She graduated from the Department of Voice, Faculty of Music, Tokyo College of Music.
She completed her studies at the Graduate School of Education, Department of Arts, Chiba University.
She is a director of the Chiba Choral Association and a member of the Japan Choral Directors Association (JCDA).
As a choral conductor, she has taught a wide range of ages from children to adults, and has led them to win numerous competitions and national championships. As a vocalist, she is known for her lustrous voice full of emotion, which has been broadcast on NHK-FM.
She is also committed to the training of future generations, and has produced soloists who are active in a wide range of fields, including classical music, children's songs, and musicals.
She was awarded the Excellent Teacher Prize at the 36th Junior Classical Music Competition in Japan.

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