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The choir practices every Saturday in Kashiwa City, mainly a cappella sacred music. Eighty percent of the members are 50-year to 70-year-old, but there are also high school students. Our instructor, Yoko Maezawa, is very strict, but we always have a lot of laughs and delicious food as well.


Conductor Yoko Maezawa

She graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae, and the separate course at Tokyo University of the Arts. In addition to concerts in Rome, Venice, Berlin and London, she has played the role of Madame Butterfly in the opera Madame Butterfly, Nedda in the opera Pagliacci, soloist in the Ninth Symphony. She also has given recitals and concerts with talks at Oji Hall. She is currently active in four choirs as a teacher, conductor, voice trainer, and vocalist. Her motto to teach is correct, age-appropriate vocalization, beautiful voice, and harmony.
Currently, she is a lecturer at the Music Research Center of Seitoku University, a member of the Niki-kai, a member of the Vocal Society of Japan, and a member of the Japan Performance Federation.

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