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Sapporo Tsukisamu-higashi Elementary School Choir

Sapporo Tsukisamu-higashi Elementary School is located in the residential area of Tsukisamu, Toyohira-ku, near the Sapporo Dome.
The choir was founded in 2011. They practice 30 minutes in the morning on weekdays and on Saturdays in order to participate in local events and various competitions. They also exchange with nearby elementary, junior high, and high schools, and visit facilities to perform, emphasizing the importance of connecting through singing.
With the school goal, "You can do it! Challenge!" as their slogan, they continue to challenge themselves, and in 2018, they won their first gold prize in a competition, and in 2019, they realized their dream of participating in the national competition.


Conductor Mitsuki Ueno

He graduated from Muroran Sakae High School, Department of Science and Mathematics, and Hokkaido University of Education, School of Sapporo. Currently he is a teacher at Sapporo Tsukisamu-higashi Elementary School. He is the conductor of the choir "North Voice". He is a member of the Hokkaido Elementary School Chorus Education Research Association, the Hokkaido Movement Education Research Association, the Hokkaido Music Education Federation, and other educational research organizations.
As an advisor of the choir, he has led them to many prizes, including the Gold Prize in the Sapporo area of the NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition, the Gold Prize in the Hokkaido Choral Competition, the Bronze Prize in the JCA National Choral Competition, and the Jury's Special Prize in the HBC Children's Music Competition.

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