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scatola di voce

The choir was founded in the spring of 2003 by conductor Yusuke Morita and a group of friends who responded to his call. Scatola di voce means "box of voices" in Italian, like a box of colorful jewels in which each individual shines with a unique light and the whole creates an even greater shine. This is the kind of choir they are striving to become. Based in Saitama Prefecture, they performs in a variety of places, including concerts, choral competitions, and musical events, and they are also working diligently to improve their individual singing skills. With the pursuit of the artistry of choral music as one of their missions, they strive to perform in such a way that the audience can truly enjoy themselves on every stage, and their carefully chosen music is also well received. From 2014 to 2017, they represented the Kanto region in the JCA National Choral Competition. "To make people happy with songs"... With such a simple yet grandiose dream in mind, they continue to practice with smiles on their faces every day.

Conductor Yusuke Morita

He graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University with a degree in music in the secondary education teacher training program. He studied choral conducting under Ko Matsushita, vocal music under Tetsuya Ohno, and piano under Shinichi Shiino, and has been involved in six choral groups as a permanent conductor and music director, as well as serving as a choral instructor for various groups and schools. In 2015, he conducted the joint stage of the Four Universities Female Choral Association Joint Concert, which was well received. He has been actively involved in choral activities as a singer, participating in festivals and international competitions abroad. He systematically teaches and practices vocal techniques by Richard Miller and the cultivation of a sense of purely orthodox harmony by Kardosh Pearl, and runs the YouTube program "Choral Music School Channel". He is a member of the Japan Choral Directors Association.

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