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The group was established in March 2009 by friends who used to sing together in high school. Currently, we have members of all ages, from college students to adults, from within and outside of the prefecture, and we are working together to create wonderful music, in a friendly atmosphere, and with great care to prevent infectious diseases. We have sung many category pieces such as from Renaissance to modern classics, domestic choral, jazz and pops and performed in competitions both within and outside of the prefecture, choral festivals, joint concerts, hotel Christmas concerts, community center events, CD recordings. They also enjoy performing ensembles on numerous stages, including performances of Monteverdi works with ancient instruments such as the lute and viola da gamba. They have won many prizes, including the Gold Prize in the General Section of the Saitama Chorus Contest, the Silver Prize in the General Section of the Kanto Chorus Contest, the Gold Prize in the Saitama Vocal Ensemble Contest, the Silver Prize in the Kanto Vocal Ensemble Contest, and the Third Prize in the National "Bride Doll" Chorus Contest.

Conductor Yoshifumi Hasunuma

He graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Voice. He has led the chorus club of Saitama Sakae High School to a total of 25 national competitions, including the Prime Minister's Prize at the NHK National School Music Competition, and has won the national championship and gold medal five times. He has also won the silver medal in the general section of the national competition.
Overseas, he has won three gold medals, including a gold medal at the Choral Olympics in Linz, Austria, and first place overall at the Munich International Music Festival. He has also given concerts in various places in Europe such as Musikverein and Stephansplatz in Vienna, and Desinger Theater in Belgium.
Currently, he is the permanent conductor of Wings, Chor Dolce, Saitama City Junior Chorus, Mixed Chorus "Onchi," Cynthia Regula, Hosei University Arion Chor, Mixed Youth Chorus SEC, Uchino Women's Chorus, Mitsuhashi Women's Chorus, Spica, and others. He has served as a lecturer and a member of the adjudication committee for various workshops throughout Japan. He has received the Saitama Prefecture Educational Contribution Award. He is the president of Wings music office, the executive director of Saitama Chorus League, a member of Japan Choral Directors Association, a member of "ONGAKUJU".

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