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合唱団 ぬっく

Choir Nukku


Choir Nukku is a mixed choir founded in June 2013 by university students in the Tokyo metropolitan area with the motto of singing ""Nukkuri and Nukunuku (means Warmly and Comfortably)"".
The name ""Nukku"" means ""comfortable hideaway"". Taking advantage of the members gathered that has no mother body, unique and entertaining friends sing various songs from ancient times to east and west, trying to collaborate with various composers and performers. The feature is that there is no general ""enrollment"" system, and members are free to participate. We are active in facilities such as Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on Sunday nights of odd-numbered weeks every month. Many members have changed from students to working people and are fighting their jobs. On the other hand, when we are active, we are relaxed and enjoy singing.
So far, we have won the Excellence Award at the 10th The Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition 2017. Invited performance at Youth Chorus Festival Ebina vol.1 (2019).

Junya Hattori

Boin in Ebina City, Junya Hattori graduated from German Language and Literature at Nihon Univerisity and Internationales Kulturinstitut in Viena, and Chorus Directing Course at Showa Junior College of Music. He studied under Shigeo Suzuki, Fuyuki Yamadate. Nowadays, he conducted for several choirs, such as Choir Nukku and school choirs in Home town. Since 2018, he has presided over Ebina Youth Chorus Project, and manages Youth Chorus Festival Ebina once a year.

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