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Ensemble Felice


Founded in March 2009. It was formed under the guidance of music director and permanent conductor Yosuke Hattori, with the desire to create music that will remain in the hearts of the audience, seeking a transparent and deep sound.
Felice is the Italian word for ""happiness"". The name comes from the desire to create a choir that can bring happiness to listeners.
Based in the Tama area of Tokyo, we mainly holds solo concerts and participates in various chorus festivals and competitions.
Focusing on vocal training under the guidance of Voice Trainer Harumi Shibayama, there are many members who perform solo at the recital as a student of the group, and both experienced choruses and beginners emphasize individual skill improvement. , Working to raise the level of musicality of the entire group.

Yosuke Hattori

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music vocalist. He completed graduate school at Shizuoka University.
He met a chorus when he was in high school in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and aspired to become a leader in college, and continues to this day.
He has conducted various works such as choral suites by Japanese composers, focusing on religious music from the Renaissance to the present day. He has taught many choirs mainly in the Tama area of Tokyo, and his method of creating a transparent and deep sound attracts many fans.
He has a lot of experience in shrine concerts and mass service abroad, and he accompanies the Gloria Boys Chorus overseas performance tour. He visited France, Spain and Portugal and received rave reviews.

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