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IAKN Manado Mix Choir

IAKN Mix Choir


The IAKN Mix Choir is a student choir formed at the end of 2018. As one of the student activity units consisting of students and lecturers.

Alrik Lapian

Alrik Lapian was born in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi - Indonesia on November 17 1979. He completed his studies in Church Music at STT Abdiel-Ungaran and continued his Postgraduate Education (S2) in Music Creation and Studies at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Surakarta. Currently is a Lecturer at the Church Music Study Program and Church Music Education at The Faculty of Arts and Religious Social Sciences and The Faculty of Christian Education with additional duties as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation at the Manado State Christian Institute (IAKN) (2018-present).

Stevano Samuel Ape

Stevano Samuel Ape, born in Luwuk, was known as a young
composer, also a choir practitioner who served a lot of church in many regions in Indonesia. Still in the middle of
finishing his study of Curch Music in the National Insitute of Christian Religion (IAKN) North Sulawesi-Indonesia, majoring Piano concentrating in Composition.
Achieved several international awards in choir activities for several choirs since 2005 as a Conductor and Composer.

Currently, he is the Choir Director for Blessing Collegium Chorus Manado that was established by himself at 2006. Also an Assistant Conductor in IAKN Mix Choir under the direction of Mr. Alrik lapian.
Active in developing choirs as coach, judge, and even choir consultant on
many churchs in East Indonesian Region. He’s also a speaker on countless evangelical seminar and a private tutor for choir singers and soloists.

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