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Isuzu Jr. High School Choral Club


The choral club has been an important part of our school's club activities since the school's opening in 1966. Throughout the years, we have been able to win many prizes. We have also built a relationship with the area around our school and have sung at various local events. We do not simply sing songs, but also want the audience to feel and understand the meaning of our songs. As a group, we do our best to convey the meaning of these songs with emotional performances. We hope that our songs will find their way to your heart.

Kawamata Kazuko

Born and raised in Ise, she graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae with a musical degree and a piano major. She worked for 42 years as a music teacher. Driven by a passion and love for teaching, she has led her students in choral competitions every year, even advancing to the All Japan competition 7 times. She also has her own choral association composed of former students call "Sorciere".

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