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Junior Choir Uni


In May 2021, ""Sakado Junior Choir"" was formed by graduates of the Kawasaki City Sakado Elementary School Choir, with members ranging from third grades of elementary school throught to high school students.
The name of the choir was later changed to ""Junior Choir Uni"" to broaden the scope of their activities and membership.
The word ""Uni"" means one and only, and it represents the desire of the members to have ""one voice and one heart.""
The group was created in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, but four months after its establishment in 2020, it gave its first joint concert with the Takatsu Citizen's Chorus, and also performed together with the popular pianist, Mr Takashi Obara in his recital.
The membership of the choir is now open to the third grades of elementary school to university students. With new members, the choir pursues high quality ""unique"" harmony while sharing the joy of singing every day.

Harumi Nakajima

She is the permanent conductor of ""Junior Choir Uni"" which is formed mainly by her former members of the elementary school chior.

For 11 years since 2009, she has achieved many successes in competition sas a choir instructor of Kawasaki City Sakado Elementary School, including the NHK National Music Competition and the TBS Children's Music Competition. In 2018, she participated in the NHK National Music Competition with the school chior through the block competitions and won the bronze prize. She also led the choir to the second place in the TBS Competition in 2018.
During the same period, the choir performed with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra several times, including in the ""Russian Program"" conducted by Mr Norichika Iimori, appeared in charity concerts, and recorded their singings under her as model of youth chorus to be distributed to many elementary schools in Japan. As a result of such brilliant accomplishment, her team became the first elementary school choir to win the Kawasaki City Culture Award.

Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, majored in vocal music.
Studied singing under Mr Yuichi Kawana and Ms Sumiko Kobayashi.

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