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Mille-Uno was formed in 2005 by Toyoaki Tanaka, tenor singer and choir conductor, and a group of friends who wanted to enjoy ensemble singing. "Mille" is Italian for “Thousand” and "Uno" for "One". Named “Mille-Uno”, our journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. Since then, we have been singing a cappella works in a wide range of genres from Renaissance to contemporary songs. Recent years, we have returned to our original intention, that is, Renaissance works. Five years in a row since 2018, we received awards at Renaissance-Baroque category of “Tokyo Spring Chorus Contest”, including the first prize in the category as well as President's Award of the Tokyo Chorus Association in 2020,2022.

Toyoaki Tanaka

Toyoaki Tanaka graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and earned its postgraduate degree (German song); studied vocal singing under Kuniko Naiki, Mineko Sato, Miya Majima, and choir conducting under Masayuki Tsuji, Kunio Imai. As a tenor soloist, he has been singing at many concerts including Requiem of Mozart and Symphony No.9 of Beethoven invited by Brandenburg National Philharmonic Orchestra Frankfurt in 2016 and 2018. He is now conducting eleven choir groups, voice training, and for years, teaching as a singer in a radio music course of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). He is a member of Japan Choral Directors Association.

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