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Naniyara-Yukashi Choir


This mixed choir was formed in October 2020, mainly by university students in the Kanto region. The name of the choir comes from Matsuo Basho's haiku, ""Yamaji kite Naniyara-Yukashi Sumiregusa"" (""coming through a mountain path, somehow graceful_ violets"").
The choir has performed at concerts and competitions in Tokyo, and in November 2021, it held a joint concert ""With..."" with Choir IDEA, and also won the Gold Prize in the Classical and Contemporary Music Division (with conducting) of the Tokyo Spring Chorus Contest 2022 in the General Section.

Taro Wada

Born in Fukui Prefecture.He started solfège at the age of 3 and piano at the age of 4 at Jin-ai Women's Junior College Children's Music School, and won the JPTA Piano Audition National Competition Excellence Prize and the Grand Prize at the KOBE International Music Competition.
He majored in musicology at Keio University, Faculty of Letters. After joining the Wagner Society Male Chorus, he began accompanying choirs and voices, and in 2020, he founded the "Naniyara-Yukashi Chorus" and began his conducting career. He is a member of the Ai Mixed Chorus. He is a member of the Kodály Society of Japan.

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