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Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Voca Erudita

Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Voca Erudita


Formed in Solo, the spirit of java, at December 17, 1987 Voca Erudita Student Choir is the foremost student activity unit in Sebelas Maret University where students are not only learning about singing and musician skills but also developing their organizational management. Voca Erudita, which is originated from Latin words meaning the voice of educated people, had proven their reputation towards various local and internatioal choral competitions. Regarding its achievements, Voca Erudita has been well known because of its name representing the University of Sebelas Maret.

Redi Sabtono

Redi Sabtono is the conductor of Voca Erudita Student Choir of Sebelas Maret Univesity. Under his guidance, Voca Erudita Student Choir has achieved several awards; both national and international. Recent achievements reached by Voca Erudita Student Choir is by winning the 3rd Place for Poliphony Categories, 3rd Place for Habaneras Categories dan Francisco Vallejos award for Best Interpretation of Song Tu in 35th Festival Internacional de Musica de Cantonigros and 63rd International Choral Contest Habaneras and Poliphony-Torrevieja, which is held in Spain, 2017. Moreover, Redi Sabtono also delivered Voca Erudita Student Choir as the Grand Champion in Soegijapranata Choral Festival 2018 for various achievements such as Champion of Mixed Category, Gold A Medal for Folklore Category, and Best Interpretation for Indonesia Contemporary Choral Music and also, a year before, Voca Erudita Student Choir also becoming the Grand Champion of Choir Competition of Airlangga University (Lomba Paduan Suara Universitas Airlangga) in 2016 for Folksong and Hystorical Programme, achieved also the Best Programme in folksong category.

Ardian Dika Adhyatma

Ardian Dika Adhyatma is a former member of Voca Erudita Student Choir of Sebelas Maret University who has been actively participated as an assisant conductor since 2012, and today he is one of conductor Voca Erudita Student Choir. Under his direction, Voca Erudita Student Choir achieved an award as the first winner of Choir Competition of University in Central Java (Lomba Paduan Suara antar Universitas Tingkat Jawa Tengah), as well as in 2016 he also conducted the choir in Choir Competition of Airlangga University (Lomba Paduan Suara Universitas Airlangga). In the following year, Ardian Dika Adhyatma participated as the main conductor for Voca Erudita Student Choir in the 6th Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival 2017 of Law Faculty of Diponegoro University and led Voca Erudita Student Choir to achieved several awards as well as Grand Champion, Champion of Popular Music Category, Champion of Folklore Category, 2nd Winner of Mixed Choir Category, and Best Interpretation of Mixed Choir Compulsory Song “Cinta Di Ujung Duka Pertiwi”.

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