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Polifonica Chamber Choir

Polifonica Chamber Choir


The Polifonica Choir is a group of amateur and singers founded in 2010. It consists of approximately 30 people who have had a vast experience in choral singing. The Choir cultivates a diverse repertoire, and its members become acquainted with a wide range of choral music genres by classical and contemporary composers.

Our choir exists on the basis of Writers Association of Belarus which is a strong and important organization in our country which provides different cultural and educational projects and seminars so the choir constantly has a chance to perform at the concerts dedicated to the most prominent writers of Belarus, etc. and has united people of different professions and different levels of musical preparation. The ability and love for music of the choir members are evidenced in their artistry, expressiveness, commitment and versatility.

Due to the individual approach to the work over voice training, harmony of sounding, originality of interpretation, versatility of performance and ingenuousness of expression as well as to high discipline and particular intonation of the word, basing on the best traditions of the art of Russian choir singing, the choir started its active concert live.

Also in the choir we like our folk songs and we are eager to perform them both at our concerts and in our everyday life staying out of the city, in the countryside or just sitting and watching fire somewhere in the forest.

For many centuries, Belarusian songs and folklore have been one of the strongest, most developed forms of national art, playing an important role in the preservation of national traditions and acting as an inspiration to Belarusian professional musicians (composers and performers). To this day the Belarusian people have managed to preserve certain age-old rites and customs: for example, songs for springtime and Easter, ritual songs about rusalki or water-nymphs, songs celebrating birth. Indeed, the sources of belarussian folk art are as inexhaustible today as they were many years ago.

Being a welcome guest in Minsk, the Choir also undertakes international tours. In June 2012, at the personal invitation of President of the mens’ choir Belcanto Leo Veldkamp from Appeldoorn (the Netherlands), Polifonica performed at the International choir festival Apeldoorn Zingt with Orthodox church music and a folk program. Its performance won both critical and the public acclaim. And another tour is already scheduled for April 2013.

Pavel Shepelev

About the conductor

Pavel Shepelev was born in 1975 in Minsk. In 1982 he entered music school at the Belarusian State Conservatory and finished it with honors in 1993 in specialty choir conducting. Then he became student of the Belarusian state academy of music. After graduation in 1998 he continued his education and in 1999 received Master’s degree under tenure of Professor V. Rovdo.
From his first year he combined his studies with the work as choir artist, singing in the State Chamber choir, Musical Comedy Theater choir, the Academy choir of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company, as well as choirmaster in the boys’ choir and junior school choir of the Republican lyceum at the Belarusian State Academy of Music, educational choir of the Minsk musical college named after M. Glinka, people’s choir chapel of the Minsk Tractor Works civic centre, concert choir of the Minsk pedagogical college No.2 named after M. Tank, choir of the Saint Paul and Pavel cathedral. After assistantship and training course Pavel Shepelev was placed on a job to the choir of the Belarusian TV and radio company.
Throughout the time specified and until now Pavel Shepelev has been taking part in numerous projects with various musical teams. Among most significant events are:
✓ Recital of middle school boys’ ensemble of the Republican lyceum in Sophia Cathedral (Polotsk, 1994);
✓ Preparation of Hendel’s Messiah oratory pieces with the choir of the Belarusian State Academy of Music for the concert tour in Italy, recital at the International festival of church music in Krakov (Poland);
✓ Reconfirmation of the title for the People’s choir chapel of the Minsk Tractor Works civic centre, 2001;
✓ Christmas concert with the State chamber orchestra and the State Chamber choir in the Belpromstroibank head office in Minsk;
✓ Win in the category «Educational choirs» (first prize) at the International choir festivals ""Silver Bells"" (Daugavpils, Latvia) and ""Dainu versme"" (Vilnius, Lithuania) with Anima women’s ensemble of the Minsk pedagogical college No.2 named after M. Tank;
✓ Audio recordings of the choir of the Saint Paul and Pavel cathedral;
✓ Conducting the Conservatory choir in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society;
✓ Passing the state exam in conducting for master’s degree with the choir of the Saint Paul and Pavel cathedral;
✓ Numerous audio recordings of young and famous Belarusian composers for theatre and cinema.
✓ Since 2010 Pavel Shepelev has been conducting the Honoured formation of The Academic choir of the National Belarusian TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus. Apart from basic creative work of fund recordings he took active part in concerts both in Minsk, across the country and outside the Republic of Belarus. The choir of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company took part at the opening of the X International festival «Kolozha blagovest» and also at the XXV International festival of church music «Hainuwka» (Poland), was also a participant of choral festivals in Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania), and performed at government events in Istanbul (Turkey).
At the same time, Pavel Shepelev has been head of the boys and youth’s choir of the Republican gymnasium and college at the Belarusian State Academy of Music. The educational choir leads an active concert activity within its alma mater and at other venues – Polotsk, Mogilev, etc. The choir is a constant participant of the subscription concerts «Boys sing».
In his work Pavel Shepelev is guided by the pedagogical principles and methods devised by the People’s artist of the USSR, professor V.V. Rovdo at the Belarusian vocal and choral school.
In 2010 Pavel Shepelev was awarded with a certificate of merit by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus for his active work in civil and patriotic as well as aesthetic and artistic education, and creating conditions for students’ creative self-realization and development.

At present Pavel Shepelev is the conductor of Polifonica Chamber Choir and a mixed choir at the Belarusian State University of Culture.

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