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Sakura Junior Choir


Sakura Junior Choir was formed in 2003. Through the choir, members learn the splendor of self-expression and the value of connecting with others. In addition to hosted events like regular concerts and Christmas concerts, the choir also participates in festivals such as the Chiba Prefecture Choral Festival. The choir is also active outside of Chiba, having been a participant in the Kyoto ALTI Vocal Ensemble Festival in 2015 and an invitee to the Karuizawa International Choral Festival in 2016. In 2017, the choir was invited to Taipei International Choral Festival in Taiwan. They participated in the session for the TV anime Anpan-man them song CD in 2013, premiered A-I-U-E-Hoy! From Ko MATSUSHITA’s Choral Collection for Children’s Voices in 2015, and released a CD the following year.
(competitions)Tokyo International Choir Competition: The 2nd Prize/Children’ choir and Folklore music (2019)

Tokiko Toya

Tokiko TOYA completed her undergraduate studies at the Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Music Education. She received Ph.D in the Pedagogical Techniques, The United Graduate School of Education Tokyo Gakugei University.
Ms. TOYA won first place in the Vocal Solo Division at the 29th Yamaguchi Prefecture Student Musical Competition and received the Mainichi Shimbun award. She has performed in the Rentaro Taki Music Festival. In Hungary, she received diploma in the 11th Szeged International Choral Conducting Seminar in 2015.
Currently, she is a diligent member of the choirs which composer/conductor Ko MATSUSHITA is a music director.

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