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Tokyo Tohmon Glee Club


Tokyo Tohomon Glee Club is a male chorus composed of alumni of Waseda University Gree Club. In 2001, members living in the Tokyo metropolitan area gathered and started activities, and has regularly held concerts with the motto ""Hearing fun, singing fun"". In addition to well-known songs, we have wide repertoire including contemporary works, forgotten songs, pops, operettas, etc.
So far, We have held 9 regular concerts, 2 overseas concert trips (Taiwan, Indonesia), and requested performances to various places.


Taku Sato

Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Literacy. Then he went to Italy to study vocal music under Ms. Maria G. Munari.
He joined World Youth Choir as the representative from Japan(2006-08),
He is widely active not only as a chorus conductor but also as an ensemble singer and voice trainer. He also works on research on folk singing in Japan and around the world.
He is a member of some professional ensembles, such as Vocal ensemble ""KABUKI"", The Cygnus Vocal Octet , Salicus Kammerchor, vocalconsort initium. He is a conductor of Tokyo Tohmon Glee Club, Koris GAISMA, Choir Baltu, the chairman of Jomin-Ichiza ""Bikkindaaz"", and ensemble trainer of Koedai r. Choir.

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