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Paduan Suara SMAN 15 Surabaya (Libels Voice)

15 Senior High School Choir of Surabaya (Libels Voice)


Libels Voice is a high school choir comprises singers from 15 Surabaya Senior High School. The choir was founded in December 2007 in Surabaya, Indonesia, as an extracurricular for students who are passionate about singing. Initially, Libels Voice was intended to perform only in internal events at the school. However in 2011, with the dedication to singing and hard work under the direction of Azik Mubarak, Libels Voice had decided to participate in a choir competition. Since then, Libels Voice has been participating in various choir competitions at many levels with outstanding achievements. With the singers aged mostly from 15 to 17, Libels Voice has achieved many awards, including Grand Champion of 4th Queen Adriatic Sea and Choral Competition, Italy 2017 also Grand Champion of 1st Lorenzo de Medici Choir Competition, Italy 2019. Latest award 1st Place Gold Medal category Folklore, 2nd Place Gold Medal category Mixed Youth Choir, and Grandprix finalist of 5th Budapest International Choir Competition 2019, and many more. Not only competitions, Libels Voice has also been invited many times to perform in Indonesian governmental occasions for national ceremonials.

Achmad Yarziq Mubarak

Start to study music since 2004, under direction of Theis Watopa in 6th Junior High School Choir. Continue in studying music in 15th Senior High School Choir under direction of Muhammad Reza Zulfikar, Yulendra Adhiarta, Wasis Setiawan. Getting more interest in Vocal music especially in choir since 2010 after joining Airlangga University Choir under the direction of Yosafat Rannu Leppong, Ageng Pujarachman. Since then until now is being a practitioner of music especially in choir music. Have some conductor`s training and masterclass from : Yosafat Rannu Leppong, Ageng Pujarachman, Brady Allred, Shiak Yao Lee, Andrea Angelini, Masashi Kishimoto, Arwin Tan, Tim Sharp, Ma Cecilia Ongsianko Valena and many more. Now as an active conductor of some Choir in Surabaya including Paduan Suara SMAN 15 Surabaya (Libels Voice)

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