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Alumni Choir of Senzoku Gakuen College of Music


The Choir was established in 1999 during the 30th anniversary of the college alumni association. After graduating from the College, while living our daily lives, we reaffirmed the joy of singing with many friends and deepening music together and started a women’s choir. A wide range of generations are active mainly in alumni. While singing religious songs and numerous works from Japan and overseas with detailed guidance, we aim to achieve flexible and rich expression through words and sounds. In addition to hosting regular concerts, we have also participated in college-sponsored concerts and choral festivals. This time, we will participate in the Tokyo International Choir Competition for the first time in pursuit of further progress.


Hiroki Nakamura

Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Japan (2005). Received a diploma from Cantemus Choral Institute in Hungary (2010-2011). Learned choir music from SEKIYA Shin, TSUJI Hideyuki, SIMIZU Keiiti and IWAMOTO Tatsuaki in their choirs. Learned conducting and music teaching from SZABÓ Dénes and went to study abroad in Hungary. Learned vocal music from HASEGAWA Satoshi and UETA Takeo. Currently, teaching at Ueno Gakuen University and conducting 15 choirs.

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