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Founded in July 2016. The group name means "New song" in Portuguese. Our concept is amazing and surprising chorus activities; active in aiming for new sound and chorus style regardless of birthplace, age, gender and place of residence. Implement the following new initiatives; 1 Abolition of the headquarters of activities ... Activities in 3 branches of Kanto / Kansai / Tokai branch, and planning to develop nationwide. Built a distribution system and communicate with members of other branches. 2 Expansion of chorus music ... Select pieces of music from all the framework of mixed voice, male voice and female voice. Develop an all-participant ensemble without a leader. 3 Sustainable choral activity in COVID-19 related chaos…established some teams of create works of online chorus, composing music, produce original goods, system development etc. aim for teal organization according to individuality. The main appearance stages are National Choral Competition, Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest, and the Tokyo International Choir Competition. (FY 2021)

Taiki Shimozono

Born in Kobe City. After graduated Kwansei Gakuin junior high school, high school and university (faculty of science and engineering department), studied the digitization of the impression of chords at the same graduate school. During in school, belonged to and served a student conductor in Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club.Besides working for Yamaha Corporation, serving a conductor in Cancao Nova, and a deputy conductor of the male choir "Wind." Has published several music scores, mainly in "Miyuki Nakajima masterpiece selection Birth for male chorus." Launched "Tele Chorus Project" and "virtuAcappella Japan" in current situation.

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