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Cheorwon Boys & Girls Choir

Cheorwon Boys & Girls Choir


Biography&Awards.........Cheorwon Boys&Girls Choir,
1998 Found The Cheorwon Boys&Girls Choir
2010 Silver Prize in Shaoxing International Choir Festival, China
2013 Performed Korea-Japan Cultural Heritage Invitation Concert in Kanazawa, Japan
2015 Invitation Touring performance in Five European Countries by Ambassador to Romania
2017 Grand Prize in Yakutia International Choral Competition, Russia
2018 Gold Prize in Singapore International Choir Festival
2019 Invitation Touring performance in San Francisco and L.A, USA, by the Korea Association
2022 Gold Prize in Jeju International Choir Festival


Biography.........Hye won JANG
Bachelor of Department of Vocal Music, Sejong University, Korea.
Diploma of Opera vocal Music from Millano Donizetti Academia, Italy.
Conductor of The Cheorwon Boys&Girls Choir, Korea

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