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Choir Lalula


Tatsuno City, the center of our activities, is located in the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture.It is a quiet town with rich nature and historic townscapes, and is also known as a production area for soy sauce and hand-stretched somen noodles.Raised in such a calm environment, we are leisurely in our daily activities,We practice only once a month, and in the 30 years since our founding, we have never held a concert of our own.The members since its founding are in their 50s to 70s,While valuing harmony among members and with the community, we aim to create harmonies in a pure tone and expressive choruses that are appropriate for our age group.

Masahiro Kishimoto

He studied choral conducting under the late Masaru Hirata, Yoshio Saito, Hideki Motoyama and Hiroki Fujii. In addition to his work as a choral conductor, he has organized numerous choral events. In particular, he has actively invited overseas choral conductors, composers, and choirs to Japan by utilizing his network, and has focused on international exchange through choral cultural activities. He is a member of the Japan Choral Directors Association, a member of Music Tree,Choralist Association for the 21st century choral music, a board member of the Hyogo Choral Association, and a board member of the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest.

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