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Choir Volare


Choir Volare was established in 2008 as the reunion choir of Hyogo Prefectural Nagata High School. The name “Volare” comes from the phrase of “Leonard Dreams of His Flying Machine” composed by Eric Whitacre. This name has the significant meaning of our further ambition from our precious experiences in our high school life. We perform in the variety of places such as our annual concert, our Nagata High School Music Club concert, consolation concerts in hospitals or nursery homes and various types of choral events and competitions actively. <Records of Activities> Hyogo Vocal Ensemble Contest (HYOVEC) - Gold Prize 6 times (Including 3 times First Prize), 31st Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Competition (Department of Mixed Chorus) - Bronze Prize, Kansai Chorus Competition - Gold Prizes 6+ times (since 64th Competition we’ve continued to entry)

Yoshihiro Goda

Yoshihiro GODA graduated from Osaka College of Music. He studied voice from Hirokazu Yokota, conductions from Yoshio Saida, and choral teaching method from Chizuru Matsubara and Masaru Hirata. He had conducted Hyogo Prefectural Nagata High School for more than 20 years until 2014 and achieved excellent results such as National Choral Competition and NHK All Japan School Chorus Contest. He also served as the guest conductor in Kobe City Teachers Choir and university students joint concerts. He won Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Excellent Faculty Award in 2010. He is the board member of Kansai Choral Association and Hyogo Choral Association. He is also the member of Japan Choral Directors Association (JCDA).

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