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Chorus INFINI☆


Chorus Infini☆ is a female choir formed in 2008. There are about 20 adults and university students active every Saturday or Sunday in the Tama area. We have been holding the "Pleiades" regular concert every year since March 2013. In addition, we appear in regional concerts and contests, and in other events. We won gold prize and first place in the Spring Chorus Contest Church Music Section Female Voice in 2022. In November, we invited composer and conductor Jurijus Kalcas from Lithuania. We performed the world premiere of a commissioned piece "Il Cantico del Sole" composed by Jurijus Kalcas under his direction.

Kasumi Yuda

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music (Piano). While in school, she studied piano, vocals, conducting, and choral teaching. She participated in the 6th to 8th "Choral Conducting Competition for Young Conductors". She currently is in Chamber choir NISSHO (Japan Choir Association) as an alto singer. And she actively conducting and teaching choirs in the metropolitan area. She formed Chorus Infini☆. She has been conducting the choir since its founding.

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