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Det Unge VokalEnsemble

Copenhagen Young Voices


Det Unge VokalEnsemble is a chamber choir from Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of 24 singers between the ages of 20 to 35 years. Since its founding in 2009, the ensemble has established itself as one of the leading amateur choirs in Denmark, performing somewhere around 12 - 15 concerts a year, with frequent performances on both television and radio. Many of the ensemble's singers are music students, aiming for future careers as professional singers, musicians and music teachers. DUVE aims to build on the experiences its members bring from years of singing in ambitious children's and youth choirs, preparing the singers for the demands of professional-level ensembles. In this way, the ensemble has been a part of the musical "upbringing" for many up-and-coming singers and musicians on the Danish music scene.

DUVE performs a wide range of choral music from different eras and has premiered works by several prominent contemporary Danish composers and artists such as Signe Lykke, Cæcilie Nordby and Matias Vestergård. The ensemble has toured severalcountries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Iceland.


Poul Emborg

Poul Emborg (b.1959), educated in Denmark as both a singer and conductor, has held a long and esteemed career as a member of the Danish Radio Vocal Ensemble. He retired from this position in 2017 to pursue conducting. Most recently, he has been welcomed back to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, now as the choirmaster of the Danish Radio Symphony Chorus. His continued active role in Danish choral music has seen him as a frequent guest conductor of ensembles such as Ars Nova / Theatre of Voices, The Danish National and Jyske Opera Choruses, and with DR Vokalensemblet.

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