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Dvya Vocal Ensemble

Dvya Vocal Ensemble


Dvya Vocal Ensemble is the youth and adult form of Dvya Singers in SSA(A) voice division. Established on February 19th 2019. Dvya singers (Dvya Children Youth Choir, Dvya Vocal Ensemble) has participated in various concerts and choir competitions, such as Charity for Blind people in July 2018, The 11th International Choral Festival Orientale Concentus 2018, The 8th Bali International Choir Festival and The 12th International Choral Festival Orientale Concentus 2019 in Singapore, The 11th Bali International Choir Festival, BNN - Bali Christmas Choir Competition 2022, gold medal, Saint Peter's Children Youth Choir (SPCYC) concert “Seed to Grow on” in collaboration with BPK 5 Penabur Elementary School Bandung and Dvya Vocal Ensemble. And in November 2023, Dvya is honored to participate in the Jubilate Deo concert which is being held as the opening act of the International Bandung Choral Festival under the direction of Dr. Pearl Shangkuan.

Lusianna Daulay

Lusianna Daulay has been a student of Tommyanto Kandisaputra since he joined Studio Cantorum in 1998. Under Tommyanto's guidance, Lusianna Daulay studied vocals, and also how to build a choir with sound understanding and good and proper mental qualities. 1999 was the first year that Lusianna had the opportunity to learn basic conducting from Avip Priatna. Since then, through the support and recommendation of Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra, Lusianna has been able to take part in Choral Conducting training and masterclasses with well-known teachers such as Brady Allred, Pearl Shangkuan, Andre de Quadros, Jennifer Tham, Gene Peterson, Lorenzo Donati, Myguel E. Santos, Albert Tay, Lee Chong Min, Susanna Saw, Lucinda Geoghegan. Lusianna also actively participates in seminars and trainings that focus on coaching singers from children to youth and also senior choirs. Currently, apart from being active as a choir teacher at Santa Ursula elementary school Bandung, SDK 5 BPK PENABUR Bandung, Jinggaswara Itenas Choir Bandung, she is also active in serving and coaching the adult women's choir at the Hok Im Tong church in Bandung.

Rita Victoria

Rita is a student of Tommyanto Kandisaputra. Learned vocals for the first time from Isnirihadi and Paulus H Yoedianto. Active in the Padjadjaran University student choir from 1999-2006. Rita was elected as an Asian Youth Choir member in 2009 and been participating in Solo Competition in Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2010 as the representation of Indonesia, together with Satriya Krisna and Ardelia Padma Sawitri. She had the opportunity to master vocal classes with Peter Chung, Ghislaine Morgan, Stella Zhou, Anna Koor, Anna Tabita Piquero, and Paul Phoenix. She also had the opportunity to take part in seminars and workshops at the International Kodaly Society which was held in Kuching Sarawak in 2019. Since 2001, Rita has been entrusted with being in the artistic team at PSM Padjadjaran University. From 2009 to 2019, she was entrusted as the coach and also the artistic director of the Gita Prasama children's choir and won the category winner for the children's choir at the 2019 Jakarta World Choir Festival. And now, apart from being an active Liberal Arts student at Parahyangan Catholic University, with an interest composition, Rita is also a music and movement teacher at Kinderfield Kindergarten and choir teacher for the children's choir at SDK 5 BPK Penabur Bandung.

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