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アンサンブル ESCA

Ensemble ESCA


We started Ensemble ESCA, a female ensemble specializing in singing a cappella, under the supervision of the conductor Keita KAJITA in
December 2021, to pursue the possibilities of voice and ensemble. We rehearse only once a month, but with intense concentration try to enhance the competence of our group.
In the spirit of being Elegant, Smart, Cool and Active, we would like to search for a new world.
Since we have just launched ourselves, we don't know yet what kind of waves will buffet us, but we are looking forward to meeting any wild wave.
From now on we are going to seek more opportunities to perform, hoping to render ESCA's music to many more people.


Conductor KAJITA Keita instructs a number of choruses. He has a reputation for his direction of chorus in religious pieces by Mozart and Faure and in musicals and also for his performance with orchestra.
He passed the audition in the master class of conducting chorus in Tokyo Cantat 2004. His performance is based on the thorough analysis of music, and wide-raning choral music from Renaissance to modern is in his repertoire.
He studied vocal music under Hiroyuki KURATA and Akiya FUKUSHIMA, chorus instruction under Nobuyuki TANAKA, Nobuyoshi YOSHIMURA, Hideharu NAGAI and Kyoko IINUMA, and method of chorus conducting under Hideki MOTOYAMA.

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