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Gema Sangkakala Children Choir

Gema Sangkakala Children Choir


The Gema Sangkakala Children Choir (GSCC) was formed on April 14 2003. This choir is based in Manado and its members come from various church denominations. Various service activities have been carried out by this choir including the trust from the provincial government to perform in various national and international events.
GSCC has also participated in many choir competitions, both on a national and international level.
Among others :
-Represented North Sulawesi Province at the National PESPARAWI for the category of Children's Choir (mayor team) in 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2022 and became Champion of Category in 2009, 2012 and 2018.
-ITB Bandung Choir Festival (a prestigious choir competition event in Indonesia) and won the category in 2004 and 2006.
- Champion in the Children's Choir Category at the 2013 Bali International Choir Festival.
Gema Sangakakala Children Choir is under the auspices of the Gema Sangkakala Foundation which is chaired by Mr. Ir. Wenny Pantouw, who is also the Artistic Director of several choirs in this Foundation. For GSCC itself, the training process is being coached by Mrs. Ingsi Ngalimin.S.Pd and Risaldy Arson, and the Music Director of GSCC is Mr Steven Reynold Mait S.Sn

Steven Reynold Mait

Actively in Vocal and Choir Special Music Arts work since 1991.
•Since 1997 Joined as the singer of Gema Sangkakala Choir (Established in 1987)
•Together with GSC participate in international events at home and abroad.
•Artistic Director of Gema Sangkakala Childen Choir.
•Artistic Committee Gema Sangkakala Choir.
•Management of the LPPD (Regional PESPARAWI Development Institute) Manado City and North Sulawesi Province.
•Conductor of the North Sulawesi Children's Choir
•Become a Adjuticator for various competitions in the Synodal Church Festivals, Institutions, Local and National Choir Competition.
•Fresh graduated of The State Christian Religious Institute (IAKN),
Church Music Study Program, Vocal Major Concentration.

Risaldi Rico Arson

• Member of Gema Sangkakala Teenage Choir in 2011
• Member of Gema Sangkakala Mixed Choir from 2019 until now.
• GSYC trainer/conductor from 2019 - 2022.
• Joined the GSCC technical team from 2022 until now.
• Joined the North Sulawesi PSA LPPD technical team for the 13th National Pesparawi competition in 2022.

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