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Hata Boys & Girls Choir


Hata Boys & Girls Choir was established at Hata Town (current Matsumoto City) in 2006. The choir consist of about forty people, ranging from elementary school to university students. Their motto is, ‟Heart together, Love for you.” Their aim is to create a sound that appeals to the hearts and minds of their listeners. They have performed widely, including appearance in several singing contests and international exchanges. The choir won the silver prize at the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition in 2018. In 2022, they held peace memorial concert for praying for the return of peaceful days when we can sing together and for praying for the safety of the Ukrainian choir Radunytsya that co-starred in a goodwill concert at the 62nd European Music Festival.

Fumiya Iwashita

Fumiya Iwashita formed Hata Boys&Girls Choir and he has served as main conductor of the choir since 2006. His conducting career spans nearly two decades, mainly Boys&Girls choirs. He has won some national competitions. In 2018, he led the group to a silver medal at the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition.

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