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Hirosaki Daiichi Junior High School Choir


Hirosaki Daiichi Junior high is lying in the center of Hirosaki City. There are 569 students. It’s the biggest junior high in Hirosaki. Our School motto is “GENTLEMANSHIP”. We students are full of volunteer spirit and autonomy. Our Choir consists of 6 people. It’s small but before 3rd year students retired, we joined All Japan Choral Contest of Tohoku Branch. It was 7 years since we joined last. We challenge our limits every day. Boys and girls are so close. We are very good friends. At the beginning of the practice, we do “Hand Clap” as a warn-up, and practice how we smile because we also think much of our facial expressions when we sing songs. We believe that it’s necessary to have three things such as Vocalization, Clean-up, and Participation so that we can sing songs with all our heart all the time. We always need to do our best not only practicing but also performing at the stage. These are our minimum conditions when we take part in the practice. Even if the number of people is small, we skillfully use our voice volume and technique to make the audiences fascinated. Thank you.

Sumika Fukushi

On Dec 18,2022, I made a debut as a conductor at the Aomori Choral Ensemble Contest. While leaving the stage, I thought we did a great job and I was full of the sence of accomplishment. I didn’t realize I forgot the tuning until an accompanying teacher and parents observing our stage in the audience told me. I was so sorry for my students but they said, “Don’t worry, it’s your first stage.” I decided to look forward to have more experiences. Singing at the Choir is very interesting. I want to keep on challenging more with my lovely students.

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