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Infinito Singers

Infinito Singers


Infinito Singers was established on December 23, 2005. The members of Infinito Singers are choral music lovers coming from different backgrounds and professions. Embarking from the love of music, Infinito Singers has been sharing the beauty of choral music for more than 17 years. In its work and performances, Infinito Singers carries a mission to promote choral music as a form of art that sends messages from the composers to the audience. This mission is embraced in every performance in concerts and competitions. Under the directions of the choir's late founding conductor, Irzam Rajasa Dastriansyah, and the current conductor Regina Anindya Tantri, Infinito Singers always strives to create sparks on Indonesia's and international choral music stages.

Azis Novtian Lubis

Azis is Infinito Singers' deputy conductor. He joined Infinito Singers in 2014 as a tenor and was appointed deputy conductor in 2015. Prior to joining Infinito Singers, Azis started his choral training in 2014 at his college alma mater the Islamic State University Syarif Hidayatullah. He has been receiving guidance on conducting from Irzam Rajasa Dastriansyah, Regina Anindya Tantri, and Joseph Kristanto Pantioso. Azis continuously improves his vocal knowledge for choral singing by attending masterclasses by Joseph Kristanto Pantioso, Mark Anthony Caprio, and Rudolf Piernay.

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