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komatsu happy melody


Komatsu HAPPYMELODY is located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The choir's mission is to spread happiness through music. That's why the group name is HAPPYMELODY. We value fun and mental growth more than singing well. From there, happiness spreads. Through such activities, we would like to support the growth of children. We are a group that works passionately toward an exciting dream, centered on music.

Eiiti Oota

Currently an elementary school freelance teacher. A passionate teacher who loves chorus from the bottom of his heart. At last year's Tokyo International Choir Competition, I was lucky enough to receive the miraculous Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award. Division guidance for elementary school students. Start from zero music experience & chorus experience. Passion alone has pushed me forward. Steady and steady is the password.

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