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Little angels choir


Little angels choir was founded in 2022. The average age of the members is 7 years. In teaching and rehearsal, Kodaly, Orff and other music methods so that members can learn music efficiently and happily. Since the establishment of the team, these cute little angels have participated in two concerts, CCTV and Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala recording, as well as some important social activities.

Xu Ke

Xu Ke, Learned piano and vocal from childhood. During college, He studied Orchestra conduct under Professor Hu Biao. He was guided by Professor Li Xin Cao and Professor Hu Yong Yan during his study. He has participated in master conductor classes and workshops, including Darrell Ang, an internationally renowned young conductor, and Alexander Polischuk, director of the conductor department of the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory. During the study period, he carried out a series of social practice activities both inside and outside the school: since 2016, he served as the training staff in the "Concentric Rainbow Action" music teacher training held by the Central Committee for the 3Advancement of the People's Republic of China, and directed the teacher choir to participate in the performance. In 2019, he participated in the joint performance for the Western Orchestra and Choir of Beijing Language and Culture University and China University of Geosciences Beijing, and served as the first principle conductor of the Beijing Voice Of Angel Choir. In December of the same year, he participated in the "Young Conductor Training Program" and directed the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra to perform the fourth movement of the Smetana Symphony Suite "My Motherland". In 2020, he joined the project of "Building a Dream and One Heart Rainbow Music Teachers' Thousand Talents Program" jointly organized by the Central Social Service Department of the People's Progressive Movement, the China Youth Development Foundation, and the China International Chorus Festival Organizing Committee, and served as a teacher and conducter.

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