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Mixed Chorus Chor・C'est La Vie


In 1977,"Takane Chorus "was established for
In1978,"Nagasaka Mixed Chorus" was established.
In1985,"Takane Chorus "and "Nagasaka Chorus
were merged into "NagasakaTakaneMixedChorus"
In 1993,we changed the name to
"MixedChorusChor・C'est La Vie."
In 2001,the 15th Anniversary MemorialConcert.
In 2005,Ms.Fujimaki Kimiko was installed as a
new conductor of Chor・C'est La Vie and in being
since ever.
In 2009,the 30th A.M.Concert was held.
In 2012,Mini Concert was held.
In 2013,we performed at the Senior Chorus Festival "Golden Wave in Yokohama"and
won the Hinohara ShigeakiPrize(almost Second
We also won the Special Award from Hokuto City.
In 2014,we were given "Ooba prize"by YamanashiPrefecturalChorus League.
In 2014,the 35th A.M.Concert was held.
In 2019,the 40th A.M.Concert was held.
In 2022, we performed at the Senior Chorus Festival "Golden Wave in Ina(Nagano Pref.)
In April 2023,we'll join the Senior Chorus Festival
"Golden Wave in Yokohama"
In 2024, the 45th A.M.Concert is to be held.


Ms.Fujimaki Kimiko

Ms.Fujimaki Kimiko graduated from the Tokyo College of Music.She studied vocal musics under Mr.Ueno Keiichi,Mr.Sasaki Yukitsuna,Mr.Miyahara Takuya and Ms.Inoue Keiko.Ms.Fujimaki was the 1965winner of Mainichi Competition of the Kanto
Region.After graduation,she did performance
activities and research for early childhood music
education.In 1980,she established the Fujimaki
I nstitution of music education to teach rhythmics
and train students and give professional trainings
for adults.
She was the conductor of Musashikosugi Chorus.
Since 2005, Mixed Chorus Chor・C'est La Vie
Since 2010, Hokuto Citizen Chorus

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